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President - A. Bert Davy

As President Mr. Davy presides at all meetings of the Executive Board and general meetings of the Association. He appoints the chairperson to all standing committees as soon as possible, after installation, and makes interim appointments as needed with the approval of the Executive Board.
Mr. Davy signs all checks with the Treasurer and signs all contracts with the General secretary after approval by the Executive Board. He serves as an ex-officio member on all committees except the nomination committee.
He calls special meetings when necessary and ensures that the integrity of the Association is maintained within the context of the constitution.

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Vice President – Jasmine “Pat” Andrews

Ms. Andrews performs the duties of the President in his absence, and performs any other such duties as may be delegated by the President. She works closely with Mr. Davy to ensure that the aims and objectives of the Association are maintained.

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General Secretary – Eppie T. Marecheau

Ms. Marecheau is responsible for maintaining all official external correspondence of the association. She prepares the agenda for all meetings and responds to all correspondence relating to the business of the Association.

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Treasurer - Lynette "Bonnie" Andrews

Ms. Andrews is responsible for collecting dues, monies from fund raising ventures and for the safekeeping of all funds of the Association. She is also required to make quarterly financial reports to the Association. She signs all Association checks with the President; and maintaining accurate financial records of the Association.

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Public Relations Officer - Lennox Simon

Mr. Simon is responsible for publicizing all activities of the Association with the media, diplomatic corps, and other organizations.

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Recording Secretary - Brenda Simms

Ms. Simms is responsible for recording all proceedings of board and general membership meetings. She maintains all internal correspondence of the Association; reading the minutes of all general meetings to the Association; and performing the duties of the General Secretary in her absence.

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At-Large Members - Horace Walker and Leonard Crichton

Mr. Walker and Mr. Crichton serve as alternates in the absence of the Treasurer, Recording Secretary, General Secretary, or Public Relations Officer. Additionally, they may be given the responsibility for the functioning of a standing committee, or can be asked to chair ad-hoc committees, or any other duties that may from time to time be assigned to them by the President.

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Ex-Officio Member - Unassigned

This is the immediate past President of the Association. In this capacity the Ex-Officio member will provide advice and guidance to the new executive and help to preserve the association's history. This member is to ensure continuity of the association's policies and programs

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SVGNA Committees

SVGNA Education and Charities Project

Committee Chair: Albie Crick

Responsibility: Purchase, mail and distribute school supplies, clothing and other donations, to seven (7) primary schools and other institutions in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

The Entertainment Committee

Committee Chair: Omegah Fair

Responsibility: Plan, promote, and carry out all social activities.

Washington Area Charities Projects

Committee Chair: Brenda Simms

Responsibility: Involve the organization with events in the immediate metropolitan area.

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