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Contact Information:
P.O.Box 2250
Washington, D.C. 20013


President - Jasmine Andrews

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Vice President - Lennox Simon

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General Secretary - Eppie T. Marecheau

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Treasurer - Brenda Simms

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Public Relations Officer - Omegah Fair

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Recording Secretary - Evon Simms

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At-Large Members - Albie Crick and Victor Castello

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Ex-Officio Member - Bert Davy

This is the immediate past President of the Association. In this capacity the Ex-Officio member will provide advice and guidance to the new executive and help to preserve the association's history. This member is to ensure continuity of the association's policies and programs

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SVGNA Committees

SVGNA Education and Charities Project

Committee Chair: Albie Crick

Responsibility: Purchase, mail and distribute school supplies, clothing and other donations, to seven (7) primary schools and other institutions in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

The Entertainment Committee

Committee Chair: Omegah Fair

Responsibility: Plan, promote, and carry out all social activities.

Washington Area Charities Projects

Committee Chair: Brenda Simms

Responsibility: Involve the organization with events in the immediate metropolitan area.

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